The Narcissa Prentiss House


Carvings & Jewelry

Jewelry by Reckha Shah

Solar Lights & Bird Houses

Duck Pond

Tastefully Simple

Scott Burdick

Mac Dairy

Foxy’s Knives

Charlie Barlett Pan Handler

Dana Stratton

HRLM Creations


Historical Society & Herons’ Roost

Prattsburgh Library

Martial Arts

Skip Hill’s Baseball Cards

Tracy Hubbard

Billy & Janelle Kaufman

Arrow Mart

Prattsburgh Legion & Prattsburgh Rotary



Senior Citizens

Maple Syrup


Dunking Booth

Empire Telephone

Terot Cards



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  1. Sandra Squires
    Sandra Squires says:

    That list was not complete. We have removed it from the site. We hope to see you again this year as your items are always a huge hit! Please note that we have had to change our dates this year. It will be one week earlier.


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