King Queen Princess Prince

Always wanted to be the Queen or King of the house and your family won’t allow it? Isn’t it every girls dream of being a Princess and get to ride in a parade with her Prince? Well how about entering to be the King and Queen or the Prince and Princess of Prattsburgh! Grab your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, sister or brother, cousin, etc. and get a picture of you two in your best attire and get it to either Stacey Bottoni, Amy Campbell or Trina Underhill by July 7th. No age requirements but since our theme is Prattsburgh America 14873 , wearing something patriotic is. The couple with the most money gets the honor of being the King and Queen of Prattsbuegh, if over 18, or the Prince and Princess of Prattsburgh, if under 18. Judging will again be at M&T Bank and will begin July 11th and will end on August 1st.